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Landon Donovan

Would be a huge miss if he left LA Galaxy, but we could survive without him – one of the best ways for him to promote MLS might be for him to leave for foreign soils


Loving the fact that Landon is on the front of the new EA Sports game.


It’s something that has been rehashed umpteen times, but I just want to throw in my tuppence worth. This is the first World Cup in a long time that wont have David Beckham’s mark on it, but even that has been grossly distorted. For all the chuntering on about his efforts against Greece, people forget about his mistakes – getting sent off against Argentina – pulling away from a tackle against Brazil – both errors cost England hugely.

Beckham in his pomp was a wonderful player, but one with huge flaws – little pace, and an inability to take on players were two deficiencies that Beckham overcame. Like Garrincha, a woeful footballer who didn’t understand basic tactics – Beckham , in my mind, sits on the periphery of the game. His crisp crossing and dead ball expertise make him excellent, but there are large holes in his skill set, masked by his abilities and his utter professionalism.

He hasn’t fared brilliantly at LA Galaxy, and perhaps, after playing for Man Utd and Real Madrid, in two wonderful midfields, Galaxy has somewhat exposed the Beckham myth. A sound, talented player has become the face of football in many parts of the world. And  that is exactly why Beckham is overrated – he is the most famous player in the world, but is far from the most talented.


LA hosted New England for the first game of the 2010 MLS season, and almost immediately they opened the scoring with the man who shares his name with Pele – Edson Buddle, heading in a Landon Donovan free-kick.

Donovan will have been eager to play after his 10 week Everton sabbatical, but although he was at the fulcrum of most LA attacks in the first half – he didn’t step up a gear until the end of the second – stretching an increasingly ragged New England side. In between, Steve Nicol’s side came close to equalizing, with at least two excellent chances to draw level.

In all a good start to the season from the Galaxy, with Donovan, Juninho (fizzing in and out of the game), and Buddle all looking good in spurts as a glum David Beckham sat in the stands. Donovan commented after the game that they have  a good run of opening games at home, a chance for the Galaxy to start well.

In a post match interview the ever-annoying Christian Miles asked one question five different ways: did David Beckham say anything before the game?

Landon replied: “He’s on quite a bit of drugs right now, so I don’t know if he was coherent.” hmmm…